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Wheelie Bins Coming to Houston Heights South

Wheelie Bins
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Hello Everyone – Bluewater Recycling Association provides trash/recycling services in Bluewater. The entire Municipality will be converting to wheelie bins around June 1 and the Lakeshore will be moving to year round weekly pickup.

The photo above illustrates: trash bin on right, medium recycle bin in middle and large recyle bin on left. If you do not call BRA to let them know you have a preference, the trash bin and large recycle bin will be delivered to your address. If you would like a medium recycle instead of large, please call or email them: (519)228-6678 or info@bra.org.

There is an annual fee for the trash bin that will be charged on your last tax bill of the year. When I confirm what the costs will be, I will send that out.

If you have unused garbage tags when the new system comes into effect, you can receive a refund on the cost of the tags. Please contact the Municipality of Bluewater at (519) 236-4351 if you have questions.

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