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Ann Wilson and I continued our Trail Challenge over the past few weeks. We completed hike numbers 8 – Menetesung Bridge/Tiger Dunlop Trail and the Goderich Waterfront Boardwalk. We met many people hiking these two trails – they are very popular and an easy hike. Anyone who hasn’t seen the information plaques at the Tiger Dunlop Tomb should go have a look – interesting stuff about Tiger Dunlop! Next we hiked the Blyth Brook Community Greenway Trail that was also quite easy and seemed to be part of an extensive snowmobile trail as well. We combined that hike with the Wawanosh Valley Conservation Area. That trail included woodlands and fields. We had to drive quite a bit to get to these trails – we probably drove further than we actually hiked. Next we completed the Clinton Conservation Area and the Woodlands Arboretum. The Conservation Area was really pretty and varied but holy cow there were a lot of bugs! The Woodlands trail was a combination of golf course and woodlands – nice!

Finally, last Sunday the 30th of July we did the Point Farms Provincial Park trail. This trail winds around the perimeter of the Park. There are very gentle hills and it is pretty well groomed. It was enjoyable and we are mentally preparing for the longer trails to come… but still having fun!


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