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Well, Ann Wilson & I continue the trail challenge. We finished the Maitland Woods Goderich Trail – this trail is nicely marked and could be done by bicycle. There were no real hills and the trail was shaded and quiet. We’ve decided to grandfather the Sawmill Trail in Bayfield and the Woodland Trail in Bayfield since we’ve done those two trails many times.

We complete the Lobb Trail in Clinton – this is a private trail that is nicely maintained, shaded and appeared to be well used because there were a lot of signs banning ATVs. Finally, last Sunday the 28th we did the MacNaughton-Morrison Trail and the Morrison Dam Conservation Area. Both these trails were like  walk in the park! Only one hill to speak of, mostly shaded and could be done by bicycle. These two totalled 9 km and it was a pleasant walk.

So – what’s left? We have the Millenium Trail in Goderich which we may substitute for the Varna Mavis Govier Trail which is not in the hiking book. It depends on the status of the Goderich trail post-tornado. After that, we have the G.A. R.T., the Hullet Trails and the Maitland Trail which is 48 km.  We are really getting excited to think we may actually complete every single trail in Huron County! We’ll report the total number of kms travelled at the end of our journey. Hey – phone me if you want to join us for the last few!



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