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On the Trail Again…

Well, Ann Wilson and I continue the trek over Huron County’s Trails. We generally hike on Sunday mornings – it’s still beautiful and warm in the morning. We substituted the Mavis and Taylor Trails in Varna for the Goderich Millenium Trail out of respect for the tornado-torn area of town. Two weeks ago we did the Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail. This was a very easy 13km hike. We saw more people on this trail than we have in all the others (24 so far). We counted 14 people including families with children on bicycles. I couldn’t keep Ann away from the wild grapes growing along the trail….

I could do something with these!

Last Sunday we hiked 1/4 of the Maitland Trail. This trail is 48 km long so we decided to split it up into 4 legs. After all, we don’t really want to camp overnight!
This trail was interesting in that it is varied. There is a concession road section, an unopened road section, a farmers field section and a forest section. One of the forest sections is very challenging. All in all, it was fun. We were tired when we got back to the car.
Ann has joined the pole walking group in Bayfield. (call her for details if you want to join) She tells me that the poles provide a number of benefits and suggests we incorporate them into our program.
So – we have the Hullet Conservation Area and 3 legs of the Maitland left to do. Wow – what fun we’ve had and I feel more fit. I can’t believe we’re almost done.
We’re going on Sunday, October 2nd to do a leg of the Maitland but this time in the afternoon. Join us!

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