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Dog Rules

Hello Everyone – the following information can be found in the Municipal Animal Control By-law here: https://bluewater.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/4087?preview=4088

Every resident who owns a dog in Bluewater must have a licence/dog tag. This is the case for all residents seasonal or otherwise. The licence is issued annually. You can contact Nellie Evans at 519-236-4351 x236 for information about the licence.

There are provisions for “Vicious Dogs”. A vicious dog means a dog which has, without provocation, attacked or bitten a person or another animal or communicated by its actions an intention, habit, tendency or has demonstrated a propensity to do so.

In the event of an incident, in addition to contacting the Police you should contact the Municipality. There are requirements that owners must implement when a dog has been determined to be a vicious dog. There is a Tribunal process whereby an owner can appeal a vicious dog designation.

For information about vicious dogs, contact Nellie Evans.

Please let any Board Member know if you have any questions about this information.

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