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The Houston Heights Beach Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the interests of the residents of the Houston Heights (South) subdivision located on the east shore of Lake Huron.

The first cottages were built in the subdivision in 1957 and by 1959 the residents had formed an active Association that has continued to this day. With its residents’ high level of community involvement and cooperation, our Association continues to maintain and improve our “place in the sun.”

Incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1976, the Houston Heights Beach Association holds its Annual Meeting on Labour Day weekend. A five-member volunteer Board of Directors is elected at this meeting and decisions about the annual fee and major projects for the upcoming year are made.

As a corporation, The Association owns the roadway, pathways, park and other properties in the subdivision. The annual service fee, set by the members at the Annual Meeting, is used mainly to cover the cost of maintaining our road. Other Association expenses are related to the upkeep of the park and walkways, taxes, insurance and other administrative costs. Some road expenses are offset by a grant from the Municipality of Bluewater.

Quietly and efficiently, many of our residents and their families volunteer their time (and, in some cases, their money) to ensure that Houston Heigths is a retreat for all of us to enjoy. This strong cooperative spirit is an asset in our community.

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