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2018 Municipal Election

Hello Everyone – the 2018 Municipal election will be held on October 22nd. Bluewater is conducting the election by phone and internet.  You can check to see if you are on the voters list by checking voterlookup.ca. If you are not on the list, contact the Clerk clerk@municipalityofbluewater.ca.

Bluewater will have 6 elections. Three candidates have been acclaimed: Bill Whetstone in Bayfield, John Becker in Hay East and Shawn LaPorte in Zurich. Shawn will be a new councillor. The positions that are contested are:

Mayor – incumbent Tyler Hessel vs Paul Klopp

Deputy Mayor – incumbent Jim Fergusson vs Bill Dowson

Councillor Stanley East – former Councillor Pete Walden vs Bob Montgomery

Councillor Stanley West – incumbent George Irvin vs Taylor Van Aaken

Councillor Hay West – incumbent John Gillespie vs Alwyn Vanden Berg

Councillor Hensall – incumbent Marnie Hill vs. Scott Harris

Houston Heights members will vote for: Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Stanley West.

Get out and vote! Check voterlookup.ca today.

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